The KidsCo story begins long before KidsCo was incorporated in 1998. It begins with a vision for a place that offers kids, parents, and staff the ultimate experience in summer and after school programming. A vision for a company providing so much more than child care. A vision for a place where kids take the reins and work together with highly qualified staff to create a loving, stimulating and engaging environment. A vision for a place where staff members are given specialized training and rewarded for their hard work, resulting in a team interested in being at work. A vision for a place that makes a difference in the lives of children every day. A place that children and staff members call home. A place that parents can trust to protect, nurture and teach their children while they aren't in their care. In 1998 the time was right, and with the help of his parents and a small handful of devoted and loyal families he met along the way, Jay Gerson started KidsCo. KidsCo began as just one summer camp program, with a handful of energized staff members leading the way, and a vision to create a summer camp experience unlike any other before. Most campers were referrals, and during that first week of summer camp there were about 20 campers in attendance. By the end of the summer, enrollment had more than tripled, and everyone involved knew that KidsCo had a good thing going.
KidsCo Plays now comes to you from the same minds of KidsCo Inc. All the fun that they have created for over 20+ years is no able to be experienced in an all new way. The vision you read above still holds true with our new adventure. We are so excited to be at your next event!